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Presentation Skills

Presentation skills form a major part of what we do. The area splits into:

We work at developing skills in three distinct areas:

Delivery, Content and Questions

This is all about performance. It includes speakerís dynamism, perceptions of competence, credibility clarity and persuasiveness. Often it is about trust and a perception of how a relationship might develop. Physical delivery centres on a number of key areas. These include: Pace, pausing, body language, eye contact, expression, articulation, and specific techniques such as use of notes

Our aim is to really raise standards significantly using a script, notes, PowerPoint and ad-lib.

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Content or message:
We apply well thought through out ideas on how to make messages more memorable, more persuasive and of more direct benefit to the listener. A valid test of success is when the listener can retell the presenterís key points to a third party after the event.

We look at:

  • Structure
  • Establishing key points and making them stick in peoples minds
  • Ensuring key points are seen as relevant and of benefit
  • Dealing with complexity
  • Addressing an audience with different levels of knowledge
  • Using verbal imagery to describe abstract subjects
  • Using PowerPoint as your servant or even not using it
  • Starts and finishes of presentations
  • Using of Anglo Saxon as opposed to Latin based language

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Handling Questions
Preparing for a question session
Giving constructive and helpful answers
Dealing with tough and hostile questions
Using questions as an opportunity to make a point

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