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Being able to influence and persuade are essential
pre-requisites in business and personal life.
We have raised the performance of many individuals and
have enabled companies to win significant business.

What We Do

We coach and advise management on how to present, communicate, persuade and influence more effectively.

Key Areas are:

Presentations, business development, selling, negotiating, handling the media and telephone skills.
Often we run a hybrid mix of more than one topic.
We coach individuals, some well known public figures and groups, ranging from board level to MBA students.

Why should you be interested in us?

Beyond a 19 year track record we stand out for three reasons:

  • Radical ideas that raise performance levels significantly. For example being able to read from a script with conviction, word for word, so well that the audience is not aware of it
  • Expertise with live events keeps our coaching sharply focused. For example, the launch conference of the Airbus A380, multi million pound business pitches, trade sales and IPOs
  • The use of Voice Analysis to measure persuasion and levels of charisma

Clients include Airbus, Balfour Beatty, DLA Piper and Goldman Sachs

Alastair Grant advice and coaching for business communication
Alastair Grant & Co.
Developing Communication Skills for Business

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