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All of us have areas where we perform at our best. With presentations it is typically when engaged in a positive conversational and engaging style. Our role is to capture that moment, improve it and then make it become a template of behaviour even when under stress. It is not about artificial changes in behaviour which look fake.

Raising standards of performance fall under two distinct headings:

  • First a tool box approach. There are a number of ideas, hints, tips which if worked at make people perform more effectively. More important, the tool box is ‘take away’ and can be worked on long after a coaching session.
  • Second it is about inspiration. All of us are capable of significant improvements in performance if we are inspired and encouraged to do so. Our courses start low key and methodically with the tool box approach but then we really change pace and surprise people with what they did not realise was possible.
From an executive in Airbus:
  ...I would like to say how much I enjoyed your training course and express my delight at learning some valuable things that I can actually apply immediately; this is rare, in my experience, these days...
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