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Support for Conferences / Speakers Presentations

After coaching we can raise performance levels well above the national average


We help individuals who speak at conferences and other important events. For many this is not frequent so they find it an ordeal. They are in the limelight and wish to perform well in their own right and also as representatives of their company. Alternatively some are experienced conference speakers but welcome our support to save them time and ensure they perform superbly. As outsiders we are used to being candid yet fully supportive.

We also help companies to run their own conferences. Here we are involved at the planning stage and give help with:

  • Cohesive messages within a theme
  • Coaching individuals to perform well
  • Stage management issues before and during the conference

But we are not “event organisers” or visual and other multimedia suppliers. We are very happy to work with other suppliers, but clearly define our area of support in detail as:

  • First, that the various presenters have messages that will be understood and remembered. All too often the presenter’s content is too fact laden and abstract, reinforced by copious visual aids. We look very hard at what the listeners might remember afterwards. Simply put: can listeners retell the main messages after the conference is over?
  • Second, that the listeners leave with a positive view of the speaker's personality. They should be inspired by the speaker's conviction, integrity and even passion for the issue being presented. We know that in many situations the power of personality transcends the message. We have a clear idea of why speakers find it so hard to get their personality across in such situations.


We support in three ways:

  1. Preparation of the messages. We do not write speeches but will help to structure the content to bring out the key messages and give advice on how to make them memorable. In many situations we are sent draft scripts which we work on and return with improvements.
  2. Coaching the speakers. Should a speaker wish to read from a script we can show them how to do it without necessarily having to use an autocue. If working from notes we ensure that the talk is easy to give, understand and remember.
  3. Stage Management. This can cover a variety of issues both in preparation and at the actual event. Our input has included:
    • Preparing a schedule for rehearsals and production of scripts and visuals.
    • Conducting the rehearsals.
    • Helping with room layout, lighting, heating, refreshments etc.
    • Advice on use of multimedia content and equipment.
    • Using creative ideas to stimulate the audience such as writing a playlet around a serious business issue.

In Short...

Our advice covers many areas. We might run a single session with an individual who wants to rehearse and get frank feedback, or work alongside an events firm over a number of weeks to assist at an important conference event.

Alastair Grant and Company Support for Conferences Speakers Presentations
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